New Blood Test Can Predict Relapse

Israeli pharmaceutical Glycominds Ltd. (TASE: GLCM) reported that they discovered a method for predicting clinical episodes in MS patients. The test results have shown with statistical significance that the gMS®Pro CDMS blood test has a good chance of identifying which patients are likely to have a relapse within a 24-60 month period.

The clinical test results were presented last weekend at the annual conference of the CMSC (Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers) and confirm previous clinical results.

Results of the study, which took place in the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, showed that patients who had already experienced an initial neural episode and tested positive in the Glycominds test, experienced a second episode within two years.

It was also found that 50% of those who tested positive in this test experienced a second episode within 3 years, whereas 50% of those who tested negative in this new test experienced a second episode only after 7 years.

The test, which is the third blood test that Glycominds has developed, has tremendous clinical value for use in patients with Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS), in conjunction with MRI testing and has a unique contribution beyond of MRI testing.

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