Best Buy for Disease Modifying Drugs

A study published in the journal Neurology, estimates that people who use the 4 DMD medications for a decade would get a modest health benefit for the money.   My thought was I should be taking something rather than nothing.  The statistics showed, at least they convinced me a scared newly diagnosed patient, that one was better off taking something rather than nothing.  I have been through all 4 for the last 11 years, starting with Betaseron because it had been in the market the longest, and lasted for about three years before switching to Rebif.

I did not tolerate  the increased frequency of the inteferons that came with Rebif.  I did, however, give Rebif a year to see if my body would adapt and reduce the number of side effects.  But the constant muscle aches and decreased mobility, I switched to Copaxone and was amazed at how well my body tolerated the glatiramer.  I was happy for the change and energized.  But after five years, I stopped noticing any benefit.  For the last two years I have been trying to live a less stressful life, eating more healthy foods (more regular exercise is next on my list) and have not noticed any considerable difference from being on a DMD.

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