New hope from stem cell study

Bristol university is seeking to hire 80 people to help in a stem cell experiment. They are planning to extract bone marrow to take out stem cells. The stems cells will be injected in the eighty people to test the theory that stem cells can repair the protective coat of nerve cells. This was encouraged by results that came from an early study by the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The results are controversial as results did not show improvement in multiple sclerosis. Moreover, the procedures are very costly. With a 700,000 euro donation from an American charity, Bristol university hopes to further the research.

The project’s goal is to help people with MS, or multiple sclerosis, a disease that damages the protective coat, or myelin, of the brain and spinal chord. There is approximately 100,000 people who have this disease in the United Kingdom. The symptoms of this disease can cause impaired vision and walking difficulties. This experiment will be the first trial to try stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis. There is much potential within this study, and as Sarah Mehta, a person within the MS society, stated that it is encouraging to see groups within the United Kingdom researching this field. However, scientists are far from having safe, effective stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis.

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