MS might not be autoimmune disease afterall

Multiple sclerosis affects more women than men. Doctors have long believed that the disease is an auto-immune condition. New research suggest the disease is not an auto-immune condition. Instead, MS would be caused by faulty lipid metabolism. The degenerative disease causes inflammation and leads to scarring. The scarring can cause profound neurological and nerve damage over its course.

New research suggests that MS has more in common with coronary heart disease. The research still did not find out the exact cause of the disease, but the research links it to faulty lipid metabolism. Lipid metabolism occurs differently in women and men. Faulty lipid metabolism leads to the hardening of arteries in men. It is more likely to lead to the faulty break down.

The new research, published in the Review of Quarterly Biology, shows that the cause is the body to produce faulty fats in the nucleus of cells. The faulty lipids are distributed throughout the body. The faulty fats then start to gather on the affected tissue.

The new research opens the way for new treatment, research and prevention methods. Dr. Angelique of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York contributed to the study published at the end of 2011.

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