A Book by Two Authors Raises Money For MS

Two friends have the talent and passion to write there first novel together. One of them have two family members that suffer from ms and decided to help with there talent of writing. So far they have raised around $1000 that they are planning on donating to the right charity. There goal is to raise $2000. Best of luck guys!

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TWO Yallingup friends have had such a good time writing their first novel they feel it is only fair to give back to society.

Through their book’s sales, Garrett Streater and Luke Jessop will raise money for people living with multiple sclerosis.

So far they have collected $1000.

Mr Streater said both his mother and Mr Jessop’s uncle suffered from MS and they realised they could do something to help through their passion for writing.

They hope the money will go towards research and supporting people with the disease once they have selected an organisation. “

We would like to reach at least $2000,” Mr Streater said.

The friends of 26 years released their fantasy novel Swords of Winter last month under the alias GL Lathian.

The first of a four or five-part series, the story follows twin brothers Hearth and Tarn as they fight to save their family and town.

In an interesting technique, the authors essentially wrote their own stories before merging them.

“We plan out the chapters in dot points, write them separately and then edit and bring them together,” they said.

Writing the novel came naturally but not the editing process.

It was thanks to the strong following of friends and family that they powered on and polished the novel to a high standard.

“We definitely would have written it but wouldn’t have made it this good without them,” Mr Jessop said.

Find Swords of Winter atĀ amazon.com, available at $15 for the paperback or $3.49 for the Kindle version.

For information, emailĀ g.l.lathian@gmail.com.


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