Michael Anthony’s diagnosis and victory

Here the story of an athletic teenager back in the 70s being diagnosed with MS. This is an incredible story of courage and determination. How he does it i have no idea but he is definitely one to gain motivation from. Keep on pushing Michael. you are a big motivation to the MS world.

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Imagine being an athletic teenager in 1973, then being told by three doctors that you have rapid degenerative juvenile MS, that there is no treatment and no cure, and to get a wheelchair and wait to die—soon.

If you were Michael Anthony, you would have told those doctors that you were going to be the exception. “I did the exact opposite of everything they advised,” Michael says. “I exercised like crazy: worked on my balance, tenacity, and strength. They said, ‘You can’t do that.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m doing it.'”

He also figured out a way to ski, and then developed a program to teach skiing to people with disabilities. Michael also wrote a training manual for teaching people with various disabilities and a certification program to teach adaptive skiing.

He soon decided he was going to ride a bicycle. “The first time, I went half a mile out and half a mile back, and it took seven hours. I’d go 50 feet, fall, and rest. He now uses a bicycle that helps him manage his fatigue, thanks to an onboard computer system that can power up a motor when his pedaling slows.

“My friend Mary said, ‘There’s no quit in you, is there?’ Can’t and quit are words I don’t want to have anything to do with. I know that when it’s toughest, I’m on the edge of a breakthrough, and because I know that, I keep going.”



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