Big Event For MS In Jacksonville

Its almost time for Muckfest! This is event is like no other seen before. It is not just a run with some mud in it or another adventure run that people do from time to time. This is Muckfest, where people from all over Jacksonville  come to run for Multiple Sclerosis. This obstacle course has taken not minutes or hours to build but days in advance. This year they really made it the best they could for these runners and are not giving them a break! It should be a fun time as a spectator as well as a runner.  Its these crazy ideas that always bring people together for a great cause. Train hard runners and spectators be ready with your cameras because this will be one wild ride.

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Jacksonville – On Saturday, March 23, 2013, thousands of women and men from all over Jacksonville will rise to the dirty challenge and gather at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center to take part in this year’s Jacksonville MuckFest MS. MuckFest MS is so much more than an obstacle course with mud. In the weeks before MuckFest MS, the course is dug out with heavy machinery and a whole lot of water is added. Twenty steel-constructed obstacles are then assembled and placed among the mud-filled trenches, slip-n-slide pits and moon-sized craters. We’re not talking rinky-dink barricades made out of two-by-fours that you find on some mud runs out there. These obstacles are solid-steel behemoths that are transported by semi-trailers and require days, not hours, of prep and construction at each event site. A spectacular highlight reel and Pulitzer-worthy photo opportunities await as muckers run, slip, slide, climb, swing and slosh (and laugh and curse) their way through a diabolically hilarious gauntlet of mucky obstacles. And the fun doesn’t stop when the muckers get hosed off. There’s a party in the MuckFestival area with beer, food, music and front row seats to watch the remaining muckers take on the obstacles and cross the finish line. (By the way, beer and lunch are included in the registration fee.)There’s even a separate, specially-designed playlot for the kids to get dirty in. We call it the Lil’ Muckers area.

For muckers running the course, no special training is required, although a good sense of humor helps immensely, especially on that titanic swing set perched on the edge of a shimmering pool of muck.Registration for MuckFest MS is now open at The charity partner of MuckFest MS is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Unlike many mud runs and obstacle course events that return a shockingly tiny fraction of funds to their charity partners, MuckFest MS returns 100% of the fundraising revenue back to the National MS Society. That’s what makes MuckFest MS different. We do everything we can to advance and promote the mission of our charity partner, the National MS Society. Our charity partner is not just an addition for the marquee, it is the main reason why we bring people together in the first place. Participation in MuckFest MS helps the Society provide vital programs and services to people living with MS and fuels cutting-edge MS research into the cause, treatment and cure for this chronic disease of the central nervous system. Read more about the life-changing work of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society at for the Jacksonville MuckFest MS or make a donation at


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