Choosing The Right Diet To Beat MS

Here Dr. Roy Swank finds that through extremely healthy dieting you can minimize symptoms of MS at max results. He also shares about what exactly causes MS or what can make it worse witch is saturated fat, and sugar. Im sure those are only some of the things that can be harmful to an MS patient. The good foods to eat are unsaturated fats and whole grain vegetables. The doctors study shows that 95% of people who take his diet end up feeling much better and much quicker than those who don’t. Those who don’t ¬†supposedly have died at young ages. I hope that manny people can learn about great diets to get on so that they suffer much less wit there MS symptoms. Keep spreading the good word Dr. Swank.

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Drop dead georgeous from eating right.


Please remember to consult with your doctors about how to stay as healthy as possible. Nothing here should be interpreted as medical advice. Instead, please use the information you find here in your discussions with your doctor.


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