Raising Money Online For MS

This article will teach you an easy way on how to start raising money for a family member or friend that is struggling to pay medical bills for his or her Multiple sclerosis. We all know that money can be a little tight when you have a strong disease. MS patients usually spend two thirds of there medical bills on drugs alone. If you are trying to raise money to help a patient out, there are many easy and innovative ways to do it.

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The cost of drugs used to treat Multiple Sclerosis account for over two-thirds of a patient’s total medical bill. The high costs of MS drugs leave many patients skipping treatments and facing more expensive, dangerous relapses. With the average cost of MS drugs over $28,000, many families may be looking for multiple sclerosis donations or fundraising efforts.  The family and friends of Mason Goche started MS fundraising to help him defray the cost of expensive treatment.  Their fundraiser raised over $10,000 in just one month. multiple-sclerosis-fundraising

Individuals with MS may also seek donations or a fundraiser to help offset the cost of equipment or transportation needed due to some form of disability. These can add thousands of dollars of expenses to a family already struggling with the physical and emotional effects of the disease.  Tyffanie and her family used an online fundraiser to raise over $5,400 during her battle with Multiple Sclerosis.  Her friends and family gathered donations to help her get a service dog that was trained to help individuals with multiple sclerosis walk and lead an independent life.Multiple-Sclerosis-Donations

Many organizations and non-profits continue to fund research to find a cure, however, if you would like to help donate directly to an individual with MS, consider starting an online fundraiser.

Starting an online fundraiser for a loved one battling Multiple Sclerosis will allow you to rally friends and family members, and provide both financial and emotional support. You can share your MS fundraiser easily online and collect donations from friends near and far.


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